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The Workers of the Light are invited.

Each large collective group upon your earth has already acknowledged the Light. Not something that has taken place outside him/her, but actually made contact with the real Light in his inner self. This group of humans have understood the message that the light is the connection of unconditional love of the heart. This group of humans are the workers on your earth of whom at this point of the evolution will be invited to give form for their collective action. From the pillars of Light and Love.For it is your earth that needs it and it is your earth, that has invited these humans to give shape to what the message was. The message of spreading Love and the message of spreading Light. Not as a story but really to act as a giving in daily life. The human who has understood this is the human who is living, is the human whose consciousness is moored in such a way in himself Knows and Is through scattering and scatters, and scatters. The human who has discovered this and has really integrated this in his life, is the human that touches. Is the human who touches so deep that through the collective consciousness of your mankind can come to the real transformation, he/she can receive. For receiving is what the earth needs, receiving in many ways and in many aspects. Receiving can only take place where wounds are seen, there where is seen, where Love can really take place and is needed.
Unconditional Love, without conditions.

Give love, distribute and connect. For the connection in life is the connection with life itself. There where the human has no connection to life, there will be no life possible. Connection out of the heart is what is asked for of mankind. Connect out of a clear consciousness and a clear daring knowledge, that is the responsibility as being a carrier of the Light. Being a carrier of this great power of love who holds everything together what creation makes possible. See herein your own power. See herein your own large creative power and also all the impotence of what is being pressed in human suffering, which can be released now.
In all your power, all of you can be used in such a manner that the real transformation can take place. Impotence, doubt was something that has belonged of what your were. Having come now to this point you are invited to take the responsibility to actually use your power. To let the power stream out in such a way, so that a large group of humans will really transform. Out of a stream of unconsciousness, but this is of no importance to know.
When you only connect from the heart and be present in your life and see your needs, desires of your own soul and dare to hear the inner call, then you can give it a place in your life. When you really listens of what is asked from within, than your attention is also focused of what the world asks of you.For the coming year and years to come, you and large groups of humans with you, will be bitterly needed.
So be conscious of your consciousness.
Be conscious of being.

Out of Love, out of Light and out of rebirth in yourself when you really dare to die from within your old self and dare to step into a new post of consciousness in your heart.Let lose the fear, let lose the fear of failure, but know that when your have reached this point of power in your life, you shall do where you have come for. You will be prepared to do this, you will be reborn again.As last I want to say to you: Connect with each other! Because from within the group connection, shall the field of renewal take place, it will be a large field wherein it can be received. Connect with each other out of all your vulnerability, out of all your uncertainties and from all your points of power. Connect and see each other!
Impregnate each other with new impulses! Awake all this in each other, the quality of each human being, awake in yourself also your own inner quality. See who you really are and give shape to what you are! Listen to the cry coming out of your heart! Connect with each other. Make the connection with yourself! Connect! Take shelter with one another! Connect yourself!
Connect yourself in Love!