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Why does the soul leave the soul spark and the harmony to undergo all that suffering and finally to return back into that one harmony.

Like is being said, every human being has his origin in the Light, the human being is a spark of God, is a human, a cell in that what is being named God, but God is a strength on its own and can never incarnate totally into the matter. Through that, the sparks have in the consciousness of the total creation what is being named God, taken on itself to the deepest matter as it were to let be known of what is named God. In other words. Whenever the human being is taking the jump out of the Light, out of the balance into the imbalance of this composition of materials on this earth, than this what this human being has to do on this earth. He brings the Light along with him into the deepest matter, to let the matter become conscious of what is named God. It is just this assignment to let the highest of energy out of the origin being led into the deepest, to penetrate through the slowest frequencies of energy, so that the deepest matter is becoming conscious of itself and in real deep devotion over that what is named God. When the human realizes this, than the human also realizes at the same time what a great assignment is carried in by itself and it is just like I have told you in the introduction that is it the remembrance to that what was there, what for many on earth is often made so incomprehensible in life. Many are also asking me, why I have leaved something that is in harmony and in balance, to go into imbalance and pain. It is just therein where You can see which step You have to take as a human being. You are as it were a messenger of God. Realize this deeply in Yourself.
When you let this penetrate deeply in Your own consciousness, than You also know of what You still call suffering, has to be no suffering anymore, but that You can transfer the suffering into learning. Suffering is that what is called the absence of Light. Absence of Light causes the suffering in life of the human being. When the life of a human is a difficult life, maybe there could always be contact with the soul. Being in contact, able of being around it, being able to be above it. And this is carried out of enormous high frequencies of Loving energy, through which the suffering is becoming in such a manner clear into the conscious that this suffering is not being held unto anymore by the thought, but that the suffering is being seen as a deep sorrow. A lesson which has a goal in it of bringing that of what is in the soul, to bring it into perfection and redemption to where you have come with that part of Your soul into life.
Transform therefore suffering into learning, and when You really start seeing it, only than You will be able to see out of this goal into Your life and that life is being placed into a different context in Your inner experience, in Your own experience.
My Blessing