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What is the meaning of release?

Release means that what has served in your life, all those processes, all those people, all those different circumstances which at this moment actually do not have your attention of priorities anymore. When this is the case, you can out of feeling and daring to see of what is really streaming towards, at this moment you release. Because you have understood of what has being brought to you, each of the rebelliousness in your life, every human in your life and every experience that has once more formed you to whom you have become. And that what people have learned from you in your life, is not relevant to hold on to in your human life when you cross over to the other side. When in your great fullness you have thanked these people for their wise lessons, you may let go of them without having any feelings of guilt. If it has no significance to you anymore in your life, in that case, I certainly wish to advise you, to let go of all that is of no importance anymore in your growth of this moment to let go of it in great respect and thankfulness so that no feelings of guilt can arise. For out feeling of guilt, enormous malformations may arise in the conscious of the human being.Feelings of guilt drives the human often to an enormous repetition of something where this human long ago could have stepped out, if that human had seen what it really was all about. Releasing does for you, that you don't have to carry heaviness with you of what is not really necessary, it is as if through a part of your luggage you will start to see the light of yourself, to place it in the light of yourself and really start to see that not all out of the past has to be carried into the present and the future.
My Blessing.