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What is consciousness?

Consciousness is a huge field of (different) vibrations. With a certain amount of experience all these fields correspond. Its self is what the human being really is.To be, (its-self) is the point of essence, which every human carries in him. Becoming conscious of it-self is being conscious of the different layers of experience. The human being can awake to his own inner self, via the road of deep-rooted fears. But also via the road of Love, that also is a large field of consciousness.When all these fields of consciousness will be acknowledged and recognized in one self, the human being comes rightly in his own essence of being.
Through just these fields of consciousness, the human can become conscious. Consciousness is for every person different. Not every person has the same standard of open consciousness.There is a lower level of consciousness. A daytime consciousness or an upper level consciousness and watchful consciousness. With all these different kinds of consciousnesses has the human to learn how to master them, to get a clear visibility in himself. To become aware of the greatness of his inner self, that through that at the end only its-self remains.
My blessing.