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Do the cultures between the United States and Iracq, the difference in cultures, play a role in the combat these two superpowers are fighting?

Like human beings have to develop self-respect to the Self, countries have to do the same and equally so, country-leaders.But where dictatorship rules, there is no freedom of choice. The self-respect cannot develop. But the self-respect certainly will be touched when things are happening like they are happening now.If cultures are mutually respected and really are accepted as such, there is no need for developing a negative stimulus. Then cultures can live in freedom side by side, out of their own being, out of their own genetic definition.The attempt is now more or less, to cut off connections. But connections never can be broken, because there always will be invisible cords and where invisible cords are perceived by leaders of nations willing to keep their own power under control, or country leaders who wish to balance carmic matters amongst each other, they certainly will come into contact with their own invisible cords.
Because based in this connection, they never can be cut off.For man living in a structure of power, as presently shown by these two leaders, the only way these people can shape this, is through brutal force and superior power.
And all of this tells about them.Because if you look at the people of the United States, you will see that a large number of people is absolutely against what is about to happen now. And exactly these people are touched by the invisible cords of connection. These people see the people involved in this, in other countries, do see the cords of connection, they see the human being in the other person, but they also see the Essence of the country.When it will be understood that each person has the inner being which can make a mutual connection, then in this America's wisdom can be spread and widened so far, that from that part on America's field will be nourished by a new part of consciousness.

The United States are a very spiritual country, carrying tremendous spiritual messages and vibrations, inspiring this world. But the inspiration presently given to the world touches something else in the collective, touches to wake up, touches to make a choice out of the knowing heart, a choice where people will connect to.