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Does the phenomenon 'twin-souls' exist on earth?

The idea of 'twin-soul'has been created by mankind. If a human being meets another human being and recognizes himself so to speak in the other person, the creation of denomination of twin-soul was attached hereto.
But each soul has its own individuality, is part of a greater soul.Each soul has its own specific characteristic, that is her own core energy, her own and highest individuality in connection with the vast collectivity, connected to the one, great soul.
The confusion for man is in the great recognition from one in the other. So many prints of himself are reflected that one believes that the other is completely identical.
It isn't that. It comes close but hidden deep down are the specifics solely belonging to this person.
From that point of view, the soul remains a strong individual core-consciousness.
It is right to say that there are men and women on earth who can adept a lot just through the consolation they find in recognizing the so-called twin-soul. This because the reflection takes place on a different level than the everyday reflection.
It is meeting in depth. It is such a profound meeting of yourself in the other.It is almost of the one who meets the other, is meeting oneself again and is then able to welcome himself again in so many aspects which are completely clear now. And from here a thorough healing can happen.
But at all times, every soul will bear its own individual central core. This will be the case during this evolution.
There will be a moment to come that this will undergo a huge change. However,for this period of time it is important to know the above. My blessing.

What will be the impact of the mentioned change?

In the far, far future there will be a moment that the collective soul ­ as I just have explained ­ will be totally assimilated in the divine energy. There will be a moment that everything which is now still experienced as an individual soul, will be given back to the original source.
It is important that the soul who now represents in your life the function of bridge between Spirit and your own personality, really is the function of bridge, hear the word really is, is the connection between you and you.
It is of importance that man is going to recognize his own being through that bridge.
But far, far away in future, the soul will assimilate with the collective soul. The collective soul will then be lifted up to a much higher plane and will ultimately assimilate with ­ as known by you ­ the Divine Spirit.

My blessing.