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The descending Christ energy

How is the energy of the female face of God related to the descending Christ energy?
The female face of God is always connected to the heart of the Christ consciousness. It is always connected to the realization of the highest love. Love is the highest good in this creation. Love is highest good in the entire creation. Not only in this solar system but also beyond. The connection of the female face of God to the Christ consciousness in the heart of Christ, makes it possible that this stream (of love) enters the centre of a movement where it can be realized. Not as before where it only could be felt in a part of the human being. It will enter into the heart of man right from the heart of Christ, it will be admitted to the female face of God.
The female stream, the female power, the female forming needs to be connected to what the Love of the Christ will create in such a way that receiving and allowing can come into existence.
It is breathing in and out, connecting oneself to a point. It is the impregnation in receiving, the creation into form in this world.It is the true matching of the highest Love in the female face which desires to become visible now.
My blessing.

I notice such a great urge in your words (energy). Why?

As you know, all of you are important to have the work done. You all are prepared to do it, you are prepared to accomplish your task. It is now of importance that in this moment of time we can inspire you, can give you instructions because it is only you being in the form,who can give it form.
You are explicitely invited to make your task really your task. The urge from our side ­ as you asked ­ is correct.
The urge from our side is to tell you that it is time to take in your places, to make them yours.
Because this period of time in evolution ­ in which we all are embedded ­ is reaching a very important point now.
It is important to know that in this evolution a great leap will be made. It is time for mankind to get knowledge of this; it is time that many people who are still unaware of this ­ in your words who are still in darkness - will be touched in their field of consciousness.Love and opposite force.
It is important that each one of you connects from the own heart to that strong opposite force. Because opposite forces can be undermining for the force wanting to descend. It is of importance that this descending force will become a strong field, both out of you as an individual as well as out of the connection we are creating with you.
This field needs to become a kind of protection layer in the matrix of this world. It will become a field permeated with love. Love which will set free, but also love which will open up and will show.
If all of you are willing to see from the other side ­ our side ­ you will then understand that many people will stray off further if they cannot be reached by this energy of the heart.
If people cannot be reached in their consciousness from our side, then it is for man standing on their own feet in clear consciousness, really to take on this task.
Only in such a way an opening can be realized.
You all have the willingness and the strength to do this.
You all will do the preliminary work. Be fully, totally aware of this.
Do not judge man walking in darkness but have the deepest compassion for those staying there. Dot not feel pity for them because pity will even push them further back in darkness. Stand beside them in your own Light and Love and meet them from heart to heart thus enabling them to experience the vibration which is surrounding them,in whatever way. Then an opening will be created, something will show, a sparkle of light will radiate in their darkness. Step by step they will be guided to their own Sparkle and from that sparkle a greater beam of Light will encircle this world.
If mankind unties from darkness and joins the Light in whatever form ­ not in the current spiritual form, but simply in the own daily life, then alleviation will break through. This alleviation will ultimately become the force of life,which can be felt inside.
The Light will flow through them completely. Their own Light will become their tool again and the Light will become the tool to their surroundings. From this part, the field of Light and Love which you all have created as amatrix, will carry them. Everyone who is still in darkness will be touched by it through the matrix they walk on. It will seek to connect, it will always search the way to the own origin. And from there on the real Self will be connected in the self.
The force of Light and the force of Love will be brought together in such a way that this force will break the undermining power. And when it will be broken ­ not by the dark force ofpower, but by the great power of Love, then the contrariety, the opposite force, the undermining can be released. It will melt like an ice-cube in water.
My blessing.