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What is presently America's role in this world?  ( 2003)

From a spiritual point of view, the United States have an important function on this planet. Because in the United States certain spots of energy are situated where on a spiritual level, a lot is happening. The United States are a mirror to the world.
The United States know a large duality, know exactly that particular field which is made visible to the world, but also know a huge undercurrent and this particular undercurrent is becoming visible slowly, just by drops, to people who are awake.
This is in which the United States have a leading role.But the leading role has escalated into a role of force and this role of force is represented by someone who has been chosen as an official by the subconsciousness of the people of the United States.
When you understand this, you will see that the United States are reflecting as a spiritual spot on this earth, because when choices are no longer made from the heart, but out of an old connection from the subconsciousness of a nation like the United States, then out of that part a leader will be chosen who is fulfilling the role as by the desire of the people of this country.
And when large emotional waves go through the world as due to the attack on the United States, it is also made visible again in the United States (where it started when this president was elected), it becomes clear from which part these people, this nation have to redeem their karma.
A large unbalance has developed herein and this unbalance is no longer connected to the heart, but is all about old trends from the past, looking for a way out and these need to be solved. And this president is the spearhead to realise the answers to the problem because also this man is a part of this nation and carries the burden of the same karmic vibrations.
When these karmic vibrations will be redeemed, a balance will come into existence.This balance is important to the United States, because it is a country which knows freedom as a breeding ground, but also knows independence as a breeding ground.
Such an independence, that each person is stimulated to stand up in their own power. Because when in the United States, the own power is not used, people are helplessly lost.
But in this very own period of the United States, the process must be worked out thoroughly. And that is where the world's doubt arose about what is going now, really needs to be effected towards Iracq. Many in this world know that this is not the solution.
And when you hear Me speak about karmic interweave, about karmic vibrations, then I also tell you that in the United States and in Iracq, and especially between these two men, between these two heads karmic vibrations are underlying which want to sacrify something which has actually be realised already.Think about this yourself, because the world beyond these two countries, has the power and the vigor to turn the tide in such a way, that each person watching this process in a spiritual way, sees that which wishes to be put into form, is not the solution.Real communication should take place, a talk from heart to heart, a talk in real mutual respect. Exactly this part is missing, because this mutual respect also has its reflection on the people of the United States.
When you understand this, you will see that the United States are learning a huge inner lesson of life, where sacrifices are made, where sacrifices have been made, and many more sacrifices will be made.Man of consciousness beyond these two countries and aware of the connection in this Unity, will know when he or she innerly feels that this is not the solution, will be prepared to stand up not only internally but also externally and they will express what Consciousness tells.
Because Consciousness tells different things and exactly the connection to this Consciousness allows a wave of renewal in the thinking and acting of people who are now opposed.
If a culture is not guarded, if the culture of people is not respected, it then includes constraint. Because this constraint in culture causes that people loose their space and when people loose
their own space, they will from deep inside defend that space, because it is exactly the space of people and nations which belongs to them.
If a culture is left free, respected, appreciated and when people, when nations are prepared to learn from each other out of a different focus, then spiritual growth can take place.
When there is no respect, again and again the old karmic remembrance will crop up and this will be the start for these nations and these leaders, to defend that what the old vibrations tell them.If conscious people do stand up, certainly a revolution can take place. But anything taking place in this world now, and that what in your eyes may be seen as an almost insurmountable problem, has a meaning. Each insuperability in this life, on this world, in people, in nations, is exactly the lesson which leaves huge traces behind in the subconsciousness of a nation.
And that is what a nation summons, because a nation summons and calls what collectivity has as an inner desire.
This performance (the war 18th of januar, added by Jenny) often is only be seen by people who are not involved. But I ask you: Look with your heart, look with your heart to the meaning.Be aware that when a meaning wants to get into shape, this meaning always needs to be followed, because it is a cosmic order. But the shape is always human, and there is always again the freedom of choice how this meaning can be put into shape.When you understand this from the bottom of your heart, you will see your own connection, but also your own strength from your own clear judgement, the wish to take your own place, the courage to speak up, because if you speak up, you move this energy so to speak, elsewhere.
And you will show that there is a different way of putting a meaning into form, from the collective of people who are awake.
Everything in all layers of consciousness has its meaning and everything will have to follow its real meaning.
It is the cosmic order always searching for this vibration, and it is pushed and searched, challenged, stimulated, pushed into the form which is needed.

Because when it is realized into form, it becomes visible.But already so much more became visible than that which you wish to see through your dazzle. Drop the scales from your eyes and look then out of clear consciousness. Look from your inner clarity to the truth on this earth, to the realities in this world.
And let get go all illusions, anything which has nothing to do with it, because many things on this world are seen as a reality. But when you look from your inner focus, from an inner awakeness, then you will see that a lot has been created on this world out illusion, has been created from an illusion, out of unwillingness to see the reality, and right now exactly this is of greatest importance, because the willingness to see contributes to a real creation of renewal and ultimately from that point on the new heaven and the new earth will begin.
This only can happen by the activity and by the real surrender of man who woke up and their clear consciousness, man who takes responsibility for life, takes responsibility for the full life itself. Who, from that point on connected to the love in his heart and to Love in Creation, attuned to himself, really will see that his own power, his own authentic strength from the heart will contribute to this renewal.
So I ask you : Let go of the shadows of the past, but take from these shadows the diamonds and put them in your Soul.
Release that which binds you, let go which restricts you, free the armour of regret of all things you have not realized yet, but do know that at any moment of time in your life, every time again, you have the possibility to realise your deepest wishes, and also to know that you do not have to stand in your impotence, because your are connected from the real authentic power in your heart. And that you always can build from that part in the collective unity, such a large field of force that from thereon the realisation of Renewal really can be formed out of the Intention, out of His Origin, which is called the Original Source.
My blessings.