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The return of the Maitreya, the Christ, will it happen in human form through one human being or in an another way?

The return of Christ shall take place as well as in the matter as well on this world and in the hearts of the people. So is said, the birth of Jesus has been a collective touch in the hearts of the people. In these 2000 years of survival, learning, suffering and struggle, has brought the human being to this point, so that he can understand that Christ is alive in himself. That Christ can be formed through inner transformation of humanity. The human being is given a chance to really bring out the Christ in himself. In due time there is someone going to stand up, that someone shall become as it were visible to the people, it will lead to renovation.The human being of now is the human being who is waiting. Is still in a sleepless state, still remains in unconsciousness. The human being who is not awake yet, shall be shaken to awake ness.The shaking to awakeness is happening now as is shown to you. But this is not the manner upon which the human being expects it or what he desires. He still desires by old remembrance to be taken by his hand. Time has come now for the human being to give shape and give guidance to his inner self and is going to see his own share in the big transformation that this earth is awaiting.The master of Wisdom, the Masters of Love and Wisdom with the Matraya as their principal, shall be active as they have being doing for years upon this earth, in this solar system.The moment will come, that they will actually be visible to many upon this earth. This will be the point in which the human can actually give up his dependence. For the Maittreya, the Christ shall rise again in the hearts of the people, he does not ask for dependency.Such dependency is what stands above the human being. But asks for independence of each individual out of his own inner strength. From out of that independency shall each individual awaken to really recognize th Maittreya. When the recognition is there the human will wake up. The human being shall be woken up from his state of unconsciousness, he shall be woken up in such a way that he/she will know what to do.

My blessingI have read that this will be happening around 2050, but according to my feeling it will happen earlier. May I have an answer?

Time is linear. Time is something of your earth. Time is not really something with which the Masters of Wisdom occupies themselves with.With what this highly group of wise brothers of mankind occupy themselves with, is the collective call of the human being. When you mention a date, that is framework, it is fiction, but not a fact. When the collective cry of mankind is made in a certain way of calling, then this call will really be heard. It will be heard. So it is always up to the human being, whatever shall take place and will take place.Every human being knows deep in his heart, as the earth is at this moment it is not the earth you wish to live on. You know deep in your own inner awareness, deep in your deepest essence that this world is really asking for a change. See then your place in it. Make a connection from out of your own heart level with the other. When you all feel the inner call to change and pick-up your part in it, then this call will re-echo in such a way that for sure an answer will come. If it will take place in the year 2050 or in the year 2004 is of no importance. The choice of mankind is the issue. Mankind who feels the trust of power arising in himself. My blessing.

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