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23-01-2011 Received by Berry Vincenta through Inner guidance.
Translation by Margje van der Lei


What actually is this ”Renewal” people talk about, which we are all eagerly awaiting, whilst at the same being in the middle of it?

This renewal process as indicated is really a renewal of something that has long been a part of this world and in this creation. But what is coming together at the same time, are all sorts of energy waves, which will eventually aim at one point. And just because all these layers of different energy surges are going to be put into One, it will cause such a deep implosion, as well as explosion, in all layers of this creation, that there will be shift in the total evolution plan.

The pattern of evolution will be changed. The time has come to give this pattern a new shape, a new form, in a way far different from what it was. That has served its purpose to the deepest and has shaped human beings and the total creation till now. This now is a total new wave coming in, and many of the sensitive people on earth experience this. But, again, the world, your world is a world of duality and within this duality there are many that see the negative influence of renewal.

It has everything to do with the old fear patterns that were so prominently present in the old evolution pattern. This is why it is so important to all of you to keep a clear discernment. And to see that renewal always has consequences, because it means we always have to say goodbye to that which was safe. But that which was safe then, doesn't appear to be safe, simply because new patterns cannot adjust to the old patterns. And that is already creating the necessary implosions and explosions on your world. You only have to look inside yourselves and at your world; it's already happening, but in the end it will take place on a larger scale, on all levels of this creation. From the deepest matter till the highest spirit, this enormous vibration will be felt.

Everything is part of it; everything takes a part in that as well. It will become a feeling of division for many and a kind of split may occur, because not all consciousness can be present at the same level. This is part of evolution. Do not worry about that, but do become aware how important it is to stretch the consciousness and become aware what your position is from within your own Being-aspect. Not from within your own small being, because this phase of being small, the little human personalities will start to feel an enormous shift.  It will shift everything and in that many of your world will not know how to deal with the renewal that is already taking place within themselves.

Many will be lost (have lost the way) completely at that moment.
It is important for you all as conscious people to fully realise this. Make sure that you ground your path in your life, your own flow and that your own tracks have a solid foundation, and know that your path definitely has to be yóur path out of your own individuality.

This has to do with the fact that thát will be your anchor point at a time when you will stand strong, in a time when your help is asked for. People who are lost will need people like you to be able to recognize themselves again in a certain way.

Because it's possible many will also be completely lost mentally. It is important to know this, to present you with this, in order for you to realise that everything you do now, with regards to your own development, can be truly of life importance, both physically and mentally. You will all be able to contribute significantly.

You will get access to different areas in consciousness

The renewal, as it is becoming visible in the new world, will also be yóur renewal. So all that you have learned through a difficult and heavy journey, crystallizes and has an important function. Because when everything shifts, it will also shift in your consciousness. You will get access to many different areas in the consciousness, in the large consciousness field, where you have always been present. But then you will be able to be literally present and able to receive from that source, that which you need most at that moment in your life, and in that will be the spreading of the new consciousness, the spreading of that new field, as a wave over your Earth.

Not out of the old way, but out of an entirely close by manner, because you will be directly plugged in that field. Do not be afraid of that renewal. Dare to be detached of all that is not really important in your life right now. Let go of everything that has no purpose in your life anymore, but that still holds old evolution patterns, in which you continue to take part, in which you feel you have to take part. And partly it is so, but partly the other reality is already so visible. If you can bestow on yourself the stillness and the attention of that new field, you will start to catch a glimpse of that what is going to be so vital.

Do not be afraid and when there still is fear, do not back away, but work through it. In order for you to be able to stand ground out of whom you are and not to hold back in a time when that which will be joined together in that enormous power explosion and implosion. Because you knew what was going to happen and you knew what to do. You will be there, out of connecting energy, out of that what you have always known.

My blessing