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What can man do during his lifetime as a preparation for the release in respect
to the process of dying?

The preparation for this process requires that man searches his own heart. Searches his heart in such a way that he will know that he is connected to life and that he is aware of his place, but at the same time he knows that this place is a temporary one. If man is able to see that the temporary place is reality, then man will die in anything he experiences during life. If man really understands this, he will be able to see that during his time on earth he already is returning to his source.
Both birth and death and anything in between is always on its way to meet each other. If, during his life through deep experiences, man has to return something, so let he or she translate this based on the process, in the way you ask Me. So not based on a projection-process to the outside world. Let man make this a projection on his own, thus enabling him to see that what is released in substance, or letting go of people around him, belongs to the process of release as a preparation to what is ultimately inevitable for each one of you.
It can be a real preparation and practise to create a kind of peace to him. If peace is created and when man can surrender to the idea that his place in this world is temporarily, then this person considers death no longer as deterrent.
If man can do this during his life, not considering this as a burden, but - and this is of real importance- as an acceptance of cosmic order, then man will be able to experience his death as birth. If man really is able to see that the moment of birth into matter is also the moment of the beginning of death, then the process of dying will have a different impact on his consciousness. It is of greatest importance that the taboo on death gets another place in your world, because this taboo affects too many people in the wrong way.
If the taboo on death will be transposed to birth, if conscious man directs his focal point to birth again and again, then the taboo will ultimately disappear.
Man will go beyond the death agony because man will be aware of his place.