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A nearly death experience

These texts were passed on, based on questions asked by Pim van Lommel, cardiologist who is doing research on nearly death experiences and by Ger Lodewick, who is involved in organ donation.

Question : a nearly death experience happens to people having a cardiac arrest and when brain activity cannot be measured any longer. These persons see superb images : white light at the end of a tunnel, loved ones and even Jesus are met over there. They can make the choice : do they wish to go farther or do they wish to return to their life on earth. Is this genuine reality what these people have seen?

Answer: I can return this question rethorical: what do you mean by reality? Reality is what people have experienced in full perception, from their deepest consciousness. This reality is of a different order than the way such experiences are considered in the world of substance. The reality of a human being having, as you name it, a nearly death experience, is a reality from a certain part of the consciousness of that person. The energy of the heart is continuing in another way than the energy of the brain.
Brain and heart combined are an active field wherein man moves. But where man experiences inside a real nearly death, the energy of the heart is searching it own source. And on the way from the heart to the source, from the energy of the soul of this person, he or she will have this experience; it is important for you to know that this is a matter of consicousness.
On this way, images will appear in his consciousness in which memories are based. These
memories will make him realize where his real energy was based, at the moment he came into this world.
Where the brain activity stops, there will be the point of insight from the centre of man. From the real basal energy of the heart, a much clearer view than man could have experienced during his life.
When images are translated, when man is back in substance, words will not be found to express this experience. Because again and again this memory will find a place in his consciousness.
For these people the meaning of this is to realize what priority is needed in their lives, because most probably these people have identified themselves too long and too much to matter and substance.
It must be a severe experience to them to be freed from this through such a shock which enables to wake up the clarity of consciousness. They then will be able to see again where their place is.

Question: It is known from scientific research that people not having a cardiac arrest, but undergoing an activation of a certain part in the brain, are seeing simular images. How can this be explained?

Answer: I have mentioned to you that the energy of the heart makes a connection to the impulses of the brain. When impulses of the brain are undermined by no matter what, an activation will take place from the starting point of the line to the experiences of the heart to the nearly death experience, to what man needs to observe within.
When the brain is dying completely this just is a death in substance. The brain signals will go on in first instance because man continues to perceive from another sphere, which you might call 'astral'.When from a scientific point of view, brain activity no longer can be measured, the perception of this person will remain in order.
Because man cannot be active within any longer, there will be other threads connecting his consciousness to this essence. Experiencing the images of this person, although he has not a cardiac arrest but a brain problem ­ are compatible to the ones of a person who does have a cardiac arrest.
Because this thread which is over and over again hooked on and linked to the energy of the heart will again stimulate man to look at what his inner images show him enabling him to overlook from this point his new possibilities.Many renewals in research will become scientifically obvious.
However, these only can be made obvious when scientists dare to let go of their old images and identifications.
What will be shown to scientists, through people they examine, will disclose a complete new view and this will require a tremendous flexibility.
And when the openness of these scientists will be a real openness of the heart, then that which has been disclosed, can come into shape.
Many of these people who are examined now show a different reality.
This different reality can only be understood from the scientists'openness of the heart, and cannot be understood through explanation of the mind.

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