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Children with a sensitive Consciousness. Children with a special assignment

How come that there are so many children with ADHD. (Hyperactivity)?

Children, Soul with ADHD are children with an extreme sensitive consciousness. These children, are souls who have reincarnated in this time-period, are children who undergo a lot of difficulty of the enormous prickles that the world lets lose on them. These children cannot cope with the prickles in their consciousness. It drives them to "hyperactivity". These children are missing the connection to express their feelings from within to the outside world. This inability is what these children experience, it gives an enormous activity. Sometimes it will give an enormous amount of aggression, of expressing oneself. These children with this supersensitive consciousness, are children who carry lots of love in themselves, are children who have come actually with the Christ-consciousness. Are children with a touching energy, through which these children have the task to touch their surroundings in the heart, to touch out of the heart, in the heart. These children ask for a total different place, also a total different conduct, these children ask for heart to heart contact. These children can absolutely not cope with the mental pressure that exists on this world. For all those prickles that are being let loose on these Souls. 
It will drive these Souls into despair. So the people who receives these Souls are people who are really chosen. These parents are chosen to accompany these souls in a certain manner. So that the energy of what is in them, they can let it stream out. In one's own manner, which is their real own manner. This manner asks for space, asks time, asks attention and also asks freedom and limitation, for these children are boundless. 
The boundlessness is something what these children experience. It gives these Souls a certain amount of unsafetyness. This unsafetyness can be turned into safetyness, whenever these children can function within certain boundaries, whenever the children are being encouraged in their being. Although their token steps are ever so small by growing up, encouragement is of most importance for these Souls. 

For they know nothing else than love coming from the heart. And they will out of their own choice appear in this life and have to bind with this world and all its impressions, also with all its flows of communication upon your world. The flows of communication upon your world are just these flows that cause lots of problems. It is of utter importance to offer an absolute new guidance to these children and stand close, very close beside them.And children who have an autism affection?Children, Souls with an autism affection, you can almost compare them with ADHD. Only from another pole. The other pole is somewhat a field of soft energy. Out of this soft energy field the children with autism can show also the visible impotence. Being able to touch it, to make a real connection with the world is something with which these Souls are having a big dilemma. For this usability is just what these Souls have chosen for in this life, out of this usability to stay absolutely in their own energy to be themselves. From that small part they can make a connection with the parents, with the surrounding to place themselves so that this is their manner of experiencing the matter in this world. But it is a difficult road. These Souls, these autistic children who are born in this manner, Souls asking for lots of love, warmth and security.

For this is the road upon which the energy, which the autistic child has, can be given a place.Does the use of medicine for instance to fight ADHD or depression bodily have mental consequences?Suppression, real suppression of what can be seen. When the human in depression starts taking anti-depression, it will start suppressing of what the depression him/her could heave learned. It is a form of wanting to keep control. It is a form of control, which is used on children with ADHD. When children with ADHD are given medicine, they cannot really stand on their own two feet out of their own stream of field energy. But there is then a controlled attitude, through which the surrounding can cope better with the uncontrolled energy. It says everything about the surrounding who really wants to have the controls in their own hands. But this is a logistic human consequence. For children with ADHD or people with heavy depression, are people who can make living difficult with others. Again and again people ask: "can we live together, how can we live together"? We can live together under certain conditions and just these conditions can be created. There is of course a number of medicines which will work for people in certain situations, but if you talk specifically about medicine, anti-depressiva for children with ADHD will then work really suppressing, it is medicine which controls them, so they can be handled in an easier manner.

What happens if you stop this medication with these two specific problems?There will be uncontrolledness in society and environment. Society in the environment, the bystanders can often not cope with this. When a child wit ADHD stops with its medicine at a moment which is not medically accounted for. Than this ununcontrolled behavior could mean a great dilemma in the family and could break up the family. It is possible for ADHD-children as they grow-up, to stop with their medicine, if they are guided in the right manner and can grow-up in the right manner.
But ADHD children who cannot grow up in this manner will always be partially on medicine through which they can adjust for a part of what this society is asking of them. The same goes for people with deep depressions and anti-depressiva. People with deep depressions are people who really are in the lowest part of themselves. These people are actually asking for help, asking for light in themselves, asking for clarity why it is this happening in themselves. These people actually ask for help from a different source, but regular medical science is often quick to give these sorts of medicine, to keep things under control. For the human also finally wants to have the feeling that he is controlling a part in himself. Because the human who is having a real deep depression, is a human who stands really uncontrolled in his consciousness and searches for safety's. This safety ness can possibly be the right medicine, but real reliefment in-out of a deep depression shall have to be found in the consciousness. It is possible to work on the consciousness of these people. When this person is prepared to work out of his own consciousness for example with alternative science, than the anti-depressiva will be out of the question. Then this person will no longer be "depending", but he/she will be "independent" again in his/her own life with happiness in himself/herself and not anymore with deep negative feelings and disapproval of life and itself.