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How is the process of dying developing after the heart-beat has stopped?

Is this the beginning of the real process of dying, in the sense that body and soul are letting go one another? When the heart-beat stops, human energy will be inclined to withdraw to its origin. The energy of man has various 'layers'.
In first instance this is of influence on the motion of substance, as I mentioned, the energy of the substance is coming to an end. Thereafter it has its influence on the ethereal field of man, on the astral being of man, it has its influence on the spiritual consciousness of man, it has its influence on the higher Aum-consciousness of man.
When man really has to let go of matter, when the thread of his consciousness will be cut off, all of the mentioned layers will return to their origin.
They will return in such a way to their origin that they will be received in the field of this world, in the field of this solar system.
However, not a single part, nor a cell, nor an atom, nor a memory of this person will be lost. Everything again will return to its origin.
Look at it as a house of cards and see the outside layer coming down first. In this way man will return step by step, to the Source.
Out of his essence, he will return to the highest Source of his origin.
Again and again, each molecule, each atom of this person's real consciousness will be retained. Nothing will be lost.
Everything returns to the Source.To the Source of origin, to the source anything springs from, also that what is needed by man when he is returning into matter again. Anything what is needed to shape man into the form he needs to be in substance.