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How can you live in best in the present?

The answer to this question should be a simple one. Through connecting your life in a certain way, You must realize that what You are creating at this moment in your life "is" what your future will be. Time is linear. Past ­ present and future is one line. Everything is pulling together into one point of the present. When You realize this than You will also know, of what You do now or what You do not, actually it comes back in what You call the future. When You are living Your life in fear, fear for what may not be anymore, than from out Your strength of thought, as I have told You out of creation really starts "creating". You are really one great source of creation. You are a fellow creator and just from out of this point You shall strongly have to realize that it's about the connection in Your life in the present. To connect in such a way, to see clearly everything at this moment in Your life, is also seen clearly through Yourself.Clear experience through Yourself, is not only via thought, is not only via emotion but is really out of Your deepest experience of the hart out of Your deepest experience of the soul. Because, that is what is layed down in Yourself, is what You as vibrations of remembrance laydown in Your own tissue of the soul for this shall determine Your future. At the same time this future is also a future of collectively. I have explained to Your how the collective works. I have explained to You about the collective sub consciousness of people connected to one another. It is this in collectively where in a collective is being created and will have its outcome in the future.

But there is more. There is a plan, a cosmic plan, there is a cosmic goal.
This planet (earth) is merely one of the planets in a large solar system and it is just this planet in this solar system wherein mankind is encountered with the cosmic systematic laws. Within these cosmic systematic laws each individual does what has to be done in this life as a human being, so that it can be shapened. Only by these laws which have for sure limitations. The mental body of the human being has also limitations, the human being can only think up to a certain layer of energy in himself. It is just a matter of realization that past this thinking, reality begins. The truth of real life starts. For herein contact is laid with the layers of higher consciousness of Your total being. Whenever you can let go of your fear for something you have not encountered yet, then You let life become life. Then You will handover Yourself to the uncertainty of the stream of the soul. Then You dare to let Yourself be carried away and feel in Your inner self, that it feels good of what is projected on Your road as a human being. And all protections, all indications, all of what still has to come into Your life, is a projection coming from Your soul.
Your soul, Your being of Light, what is looking along with you in Your life, what works as a magnet to the possibilities which are being pulled toward you as a human to show You "what is important at this moment". So don't start creating something that not really has to be there. When You transform your fear into courage, by lowering Yourself into the stream of your soul, the unsafely, in all clearness and truthfulness of Your life, it all wants to be brought toward the Light.
My Blessing