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How can you connect ­ individually, really out of your heart, to murder, rape, oppression, war, terror?
You tend to disconnect, instead of connecting.

By realizing that it is a cosmic play of power and impotence.
Especially for a great number of people who wish to free themselves from certain ties, from certain oppressive limitations set in this lifetime, in the place or the land where they have rooted. Of course these roots have their worldwide influence, everything is connected, as you know.
When you are asking me 'if I connect individually' it will in the first place refer to your own emotional perception.
Within this emotional perception ­ so thoroughly worked out by man during the ages ­ is this the first anchorage. And this anchorage makes man react out of the large emotional burden.
If you are able to release your emotions from this and look at it all of this, out of your heart in a different consciousness ­ seeing the greater context ­ then you will see the meaning beyond.
It is the movement beyond which wishes to become visible.
It is a wave which pushes over and over again until he reaches the breaking point in which it will be made clear to mankind, in which it will fall into fragments, so to speak.
Man will seek to put these fragments together in the old manner, into the old structure.
But this old structure does not fit any longer into that which needs to become and must become visible now, following the cosmic urge for a new step in human evolution.
If you understand this, you will have to realize that the only possible way of looking at it, is the way of consciousness but that an element of emotion will always be there, because emotion is so deeply anchored in the life of man. But if this element of emotion only carries a narrowing
causing a certain tunnel vision, it will never reach clarity.
Only the short moments of lucidity in human lifes, will enable them to touch very prudently that which really wishes to become visible.
On and on, sacrifices will be made: these are the sacrifices made for this totally new leap into evolution.