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How can I free myself of my own fear, so that I can stand in my own strength?

When the person wants to free himself of his own fear, the person must first come to an understanding, where fear has brought him. Because, fear has a goal.Like everything in creation and everything in life is known to have a specific goal. Fear causes the person to shrink in his consciousness. Fear is showing the person, how he lets himself shrink into a much smaller being rather then this actual ultimate person is.When fear is being seen as a mechanism of movement, when it is moving and leading the person to somewhere and this person is willing to face the fullness of fear and move away from it, then the fear will be understood of where it has brought this person. And like with you, the moment is there to understand this fear has gotten you every time and now is the time to get back into your real force. Your inner knows the time of vital importance has come to turn back into the real essential field of force in yourself. The only solution is to thank the fear.Thanking this fear for its part in it and say goodbye too the vibrations belonging with it. When these vibrations have been thanked they will not keep pressing themselves, for they are seen, they have been acknowledged and have to turn back to their source. When you understand this, you can really stand in your own strength. And so you will start to see the dependence toward fear.The independence out your real field of force in your heart, out of love for yourself, out of the highest source of light in yourself, independently you will be standing up. And when the person is going to stand independently on his own two feet, the person will finally say "Yes", in full responsibility to his or her own incarnation.