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 Translation by Margje van der Lei.

Evolution of the earth through change/increase of frequency in levels of consciousness.
Light and contra power.

Do not look upon the earth as just the earth, but as a really high entity, which is finding herself in evolution herself and within this evolution she carries the evolution of all that lives on this planet.
The enormous power of mother earth is her receiving principle, her giving strength, her transforming function. All that takes places within this solar system energy wise, all that takes place in heightened frequency of energy, in which the consciousness is collectively being raised, in that this earth, this high entity, has a very important function.
But she also grows along in this total picture of evolution. When you look ahead in time, there will be many changes. This entire evolution will change in frequency, in consciousness level. It will expand further and further and larger areas in human consciousness will become visible. The net that is currently is holding the earth, the layer around the earth, is a layer becoming thinner all the time. Because of this thinning web around the earth, the human race is being able to obtain a clearer connection with that which you call the Cosmos.
The entrance will become clearer all the time, but at the same time all that takes place through this changing of the net, a very big change will take place in the consciousness of the human race. And at the same time it is something that is visible on your earth right now. There is a major change. In your words there is a big positive light power and at the same time a strong contra power. The light power is something you have already acquired in your existence.

It is important for you to see that your heart needs to be connected with all the contra powers
Taken in as regards to that what you call Light power, is friction. And this friction will become a very, very big friction. But something that causes friction, is in your eyes a big contradiction, but it’s not a contradiction of two colliding energies that will find each other no matter when.
To support this change in this energy layer, you need to want to connect yourself without judgement, and out of your own light power look at which contribution you can make to have this contradiction take place so that this contradiction won’t cause any more struggle. But in the middle, in between these two energy fields, the Truth will be found.
The essence will be seen and show the meaning of this development. And it is this part of de-velopment you will relate to. You, as conscious people, are contributing a major part. And feel that your participation is important, because every point of light that can contributes to this big change will throb, and be carried by the collective net, which relates to all people and animals and every living creature, and also to mother Earth.  
Relating to the Cosmos, all it’s energy fields are resonating like a live matter in a living web of energy. And it is this wave of energy that is showing itself at this moment in your life and in the world.
Which is why it is so important to clear your inner being in a somewhat faster pace and to be prepared to rid yourself of your personal problems in these difficult times, out of a deep connection with life itself.
To redeem and face the emotion with yourself 
To want to redeem and face the e-motion with yourself, which will let you feel a deep connection with your own core energy, so that a true nuclear fusion can take materialize. And this nuclear fusion will have such a big impact, not out of manipulation, but out of a knowing that the contra power and the contradictions in this world will truly be functional.
Let go of judgement; do not observe out of emotion, but look out of your heart en even higher still, not only out of your heart but out of a part of your soul, out of your highest Spirit. Observe with clarity and see where your place is, where your place needs to be. And then see your own movement and the emotion out of your own heart with the connecting you make in this world. You are important. You have your share. So, establish your share.
Out of this enormous responsibility, that all of you Light workers are carrying; you will help the Cosmos in its function, to implement and to realize that what is happening at this moment.

Lunar eclipse is, as it were, the eclipse of the female countenance.

The female countenance will assert a very big influence after this. The female power, the countenance of this world, will change so clearly, that the earth will undergo a total renewal out of this enormous female being-energy. This female power will take its place completely. And when you understand this, you will see how many women on this earth are suppressed. Because this inner power will become more and more known to them. And so they will recover their own strength, and become more open, through your help. And establish their own womanhood out of this freedom, so that they can establish freedom itself.

In a collective, in a collective attachment from the heart, connected out of your highest consciousness and established from the roots of this life and from that part connected in a centre, a core, out of which they will feel supported.

Supported in your heart, our heart, in all our hearts, which will make that part of the female countenance truly enlightened by God and made into reality, clearly visible. And out of this field, it will be connected so strongly to that which we pass on to you out of the Cosmos, which will establish such a frequency difference in this way, that we can lift the earth and her inhabitants to a higher level.

My Blessing.