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Do we have part in world events, between United States and Iracq?

Negativity is something named as such by human beings. Everything is energy. Everything is duality. Actually everything is neutral to energy.
The points of friction in your world show this.
Because that which becomes visible, wakes up people. And when people wake up, they again have a choice to relate to anything they wish and to connect. And exactly this is of importance now to all mankind.
The huge points of friction taking place on your earth now, ask for a different attention.
The do not ask for negative, emotional attention of mankind. They ask for knowing attention right from the heart.
They do not ask for further emotional burden.

Because this emotional burden carried by many of you on your earth, is all about personal interest. If it can be seen that what is going on now, is not any longer about personal interest but of an interest of larger Order, then it will be possible to see that the knowing heart really can contribute.
And again, in this people can take their own responsibility.

When you are able to see that a participation can be, when you feel inside that what eventually is about to happen, could be influenced by a higher Cosmic power in which you can share, then this is the choice you make.

When you feel inside that what is going to be released is not right, you can have your own share into this.

When thousands, millions of people on this earth will share their own part from a knowing heart to what they call peace, this energy will be gathered in such a way that this bundled energy will reach those who cause this huge commotion in this world.

Because they too, are part of the collective subconsciousness. This huge luminous energy will build a buffer against that was built up negatively; that it can be used as a transformer, neutralizing the energy again.
And when the energy is neutralised again, it is possible to see again. Because it became clear that people now again are asked to make a choice, will be able to make a choice and in fact will make a choice.

The world leaders can choose for a real dialogue from heart to heart, can really make a choice from a wider perspective than just their own. The world leaders can contribute their own part again, And each one on this world looking from a knowing heart to this earth, can have their own share.

My blessings.