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Can you tell us about the different forms for being a channel?

When the human being in his life has put himself to the task of being an intermediary between the cosmos and the earth, than this person will be placing him/herself a goal and a task for what is voicing from the levels of cosmic consciousness, it returns and is layed down for mankind.There is a great difference between what you call a channel and a channel. There are different levels of consciousness from where the information is available. One channel reaches deeper with his/her antenna's in these levels of consciousness then the other. Yet everything is needed. For everything that exists is coming out of these different layers of consciousness.
What the human asks, will be given to him exactly on that level of consciousness where this human being has asked for, Only, one human being has put himself/herself to the task, to get the information somewhat closer to this earth, maybe it is known to you as the astral world.And there are people on this earth as intermediary that can use their antennas somewhat deeper, from another level of consciousness which they can penetrate to let the energy come in. It has everything to do with attunement of the psychic, of the intermediary and of the channel. It has to do with the layer of consciousness of the human being, who is willing to do this kind of work.

So every channel will know his/her own level of consciousness with co-operation. Earlier knowledge has reached you via psychics, channels of intermediary, only when your heart is stirred by it you will let it come in. From out of your dependency you will trust your life to any psychic, you shall deprive yourself of your own life, out of the life.You shall make the other person responsible for whom it is not possible to live your life, for it is your life.
The responsibility is your own responsibility and it lays there for by yourself. Let this be a manner to make a real sharp discernment in you. And to look at the person who asks you for help and wants to fill absolutely your life, look and see if you can recall it by the other.Or do you need the mirror to see for instance the power, manipulation and maybe for instance the mirror for love. Continually the person shall meet these people whom he calls into his/her life and will the person be looking in the mirror to see of what he/she has really asked for. When you understand this, then discernment will be able to take in a clearer place in your life.


This discernment in this world of big illusions, of big pretenses is of great importance.All illusions in this world has been given an enormous place in the collective discernment and out of this collective discernment the human, draws a piece of information. Through the human who is not conscious of oneself to some proportion which has been created through mankind; the illusion. Through the unconscious human who will accept it as truth, as reality.Reality always lays enclosed in yourself. The truth is always enclosed in your own heart. Every time you have feelings of doubt. Each time when you feel something is beginning to stir in your consciousness, to distinguish, listen to it. Upon this manner you can take a look every time again, to see whom you have called into your life to make something clear to you.
My blessingBe continually aware; be alert for yourself, at this moment of time for in this moment of time in this life.
The attention coming from your heart and the attention from your highest consciousness is of importance, so that you really can let out the stream of radiation from your essential part. Through your radiation and pouring out of the real inner knowledge of Yourself. During the radiation and pouring you will leave it behind in the tissue of the earth. Again and again will the human being be confronted with his own human failure and incapacity.
Do not let these insurmountabilities restrain you of going any further. For the insurmountabilities in your life offer you a path, to transform just that what you want to have transformed in this life.See to it, that you will not be starting to fall down. But that you will always face resistance out of impotence. But when you have to face resistance for something that you not really wish anymore and have a desire in your life, should it be possible to make an important change in your inner attitude. Stand upright in your own consciousness, in full conviction from within of whom you are. In the full conviction that you are worth to be seen and heard. For the human who does not listen, does not really listen with his heart, is hearing deaf. The human, who does not really see, is seeing blind. The human being, who opens himself in realization and essence, is a human who has freed himself of fear.May God's blessing always be alive in your heart and by each step you take from out of your own unique inner-sence