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Cosmic pressure on Consciousness in this time will ask the utmost from you all.       Part 1.

Many people are experiencing this especially inner but also visible outer pressure. As said (before) this has to do with a large new cosmic flow of energy, which works on the Entire Consciousness; a new, pushing movement.
It is a renewing impulse, which activates people to really look at themselves, at their consciousness. To experience, that filling in the inner void has nothing to do with Consciousness, but with dissatisfaction out of human fields of emotions.
Everyone is being gnawed at their roots in order for illusions to be eliminated.
It pushes people forwards to unknown heights and pushes to unknown, unpopular depths.

What does it show?
It shows stagnation and manipulation.
Many seem paralysed, quenched, and energy-poor.
There is a presence of intangible collective turmoil. Living between hope and despair.
Old securities are being shaken up, which leads to all sorts of fear and large amounts of torn up doubts. It also shows that mistrust towards itSelf is greater than confidence, also with regards to the world. It shows inner and outer wars.

The old consciousness is about to break and something that breaks will be renewed, not glued.
It forces every one to do justice to their real Consciousness roots, as naked reality in the NOW.
It is meant to be understood that every human-being is connected WITH and that no one will be able to withhold, as currently often is shown for instance by indifference.
This indifference stems from a deep, deep pain; from an inability of not being able to see the Self in truth and therefore neither being able to see “the other”…..

What does it demand of us?
It demands dedication to this Evolution; it’s asking us to open our eyes, to open our Heart. It demands making choices and not to remain waiting in antinomy.  It demands to take to the road, to quicken the Soul-authority.
It demands decisiveness and re-evaluation of Life itself! It demands wanting to let go of old distorted achievements, which did serve your growth, as preparation for the future. There will be a shift in many areas.
It demands to stand for inner truth, directed from inside to outside. This will enable human beings to be genuine, as they are meant to be, and to claim a new place.   No exceptions, everything will shift…. Let go of all fear and see the new concentration power.
Repair again the Connection of Consciousness, in order for entire groups of Conscious, Knowing People to touch the unknowing, and showing them the truth of NOW.
Live your life out of this Loving acuity and all individual contribution to this process will be a fact.