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Current Pressure on Consciousness. Part 3.

For many in your world it is of the utmost importance to become conscious of one’s own universal space and place. The consciousness in your world is being felt / experienced under great pressure. This has everything to do with the acceleration of the energetic constellation of Cosmic Consciousness, of which human beings are a part off.

The cosmic consciousness that pushes daily consciousness on human beings, will find a way in every day life of every person. However, because it is finding its way by means of old patterns, this new cosmic energy will constantly leave a feeling behind of inner shrinking. This inner shrinking or convulsion, takes place because one is not fully aware of that which takes place within, as well as in totality.

The Cosmic changes push the entire field of consciousness to a certain new spiral. This new spiral of energy asks of the conscious person of today to go with the flow within this process.
This also demands not to react out of fear of the unknown, nor react from resistance.  This spiral asks for a different focus, a different inner quiet focus of human beings, on a daily basis. To observe the flow of life, out of this stillness within the heart. Also to observe whether or not that, which takes place on a daily basis corresponds with the inner fulfillment of the heart.

The consciousness of this moment is being put to the test in the actual human experience.
The experience feels like an inner shrinking as said before. Many people in your world are experiencing this shrinking and becoming smaller, being pushed around and away.
Feelings of not belonging can occur when one doesn’t partake in that what is asked of you by the world around you. Something else is being demanded of you though.
You are being asked to stop for a moment and ask yourself whether or not you recognize this in your life. Know that when you go to that silent place in your heart, out of that stillness, things will become clearer and you will get an insight into certain aspects in your life that are changing. This will give you the opportunity to follow that flow, instead of fighting against it.

It is important for you to realize that this is an important time of renewal. It is a renewal of consciousness, which pushes human beings to a point where the old consciousness will break. Nothing will ever be the same. Every old thinking pattern will fade away eventually.

But right in the process towards that moment, people will start to recognize the travails. This is something very topical at this time. Everything in your world, every visible thing in your material world, will literally escalate, which is subject to enormous friction. This friction in turn causes something visible, because wherever there is friction between two people, something new is born.  This causes problems in individual’s nervous systems.

The individual person of today, especially in the West, will flee in all sorts of materialistic matters, keeping away from connection, even though he/she realizes what would be wise to do. But fleeing, out of a feeling of not being big enough, seeing oneself stepping back into old ways of living and also in the entire known safety. In the end these old securities will not fulfill anymore, these old securities will be like quicksand. They have served their purpose.

It is time for everybody to realize that the safety in ones life can be realized by oneself, when you realize who you are and how well you are grounded and standing on your own two feet. To share your talents and your possibilities to the world in your own unique way, in order for you to truly share your purpose here on earth.  

That it will be laid down in the field of consciousness of your world. From this point on you will surpass all the old things, the things that are off no more use in daily life.  But you will see for yourself that it is time to be more helpful to your own consciousness. Becoming more conscious, achieving consciousness in your talents and possibilities on a deeper level.

When you realize this, you will understand that old ways of live will not fulfill anymore. The renewal is imminent and do not need to fill you with fear, but with huge joy instead, because this renewal will open huge, huge portals in your own consciousness. And these portals of consciousness will offer you a way to a much greater field in your own Self.

You are all much greater as humans than you ever realized. Because of this you will live in a continually growing, live giving field of consciousness. And that is how the fear in your world will finally be experienced as an enormous power of fire, as an enormous mental stimulant to give shape to what is asked of us in this time.

It is important to let the information sink in deeply for those with consciousness, because every conscious person has his/her own responsibility in this. And every part of consciousness that we give back to our self will be offered to the entire human race in the end.

You are all very functional and service minded, to yourself as well as to the growth of this world.
The changes in you all as human beings are not only working individually but also collectively.
When you realize this, you will understand that your heart and your consciousness needs to share this with the world around you. With people who understand you, with people you understand, making exchanging possible, giving more fertility for the renewal of what the world is really about.

The world is about to make a huge opening and this opening can only become visible when every person will know about himself or herself, either consciously or unconsciously. Knowing of his or her own purpose and capacity to make a contribution.
Living without fear, without doubt and contribute to this bigger picture, without feeling small, in order to help lift the pushing movement of Cosmic energy, which has a large Meaning.
Not to fight against it, but to flow along, so that you, as a conscious person, may make it easier for the unconscious person.

Have faith in your own intuition; flow along from within, out of unconditional Love, knowing you are connected collectively with humanity, as well as vertically from a Cosmic point of view.

Every individual is constantly being stimulated; have faith in that what lives in your heart and trust your soul and bring it outwards. Stand up, stand up for what you have always wanted to present and make yourself visible and audible. This will change the field in your own living area, which will in turn result in a change the collective field in your world.

My blessing.