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Part 2 - Cosmic pressure on Consciousness in this 

Question: I feel that at this point in my life I am exactly where I should be, which gives me an exhilarating, sparkling feeling yet at the same time I experience an enormous pressure to the extend that my physical body almost collapses and my question is: how can I make sure I balance these two areas?

The pressure that currently is being experienced is a pressure that is mostly felt in World Consciousness. That pressure has to do with the arriving of a new part of cosmic energy, which will leave an enormous impact on the world. The strength or power behind these new sources of energy can be experienced mentally as well as physically, by many people who are sensitive to these energy.
What is taking place now?

It is the synthesis (gathering) of the 2 poles in humans, which are “’forced”” to connect. These 2 poles (male and female) are often experienced as separate. This was meant to be. They have always been condemned to each other, both in an attracting as a repelling movement.
Now this synthesis is becoming active, a different life movement will be ignited into the Life-giving, ether like Consciousness fields!
A new starting point, from a different reality, namely, Your Self!
It will give  “different”” life to the DNA.
Which is why humans are on the road again to a next point of balance, seeking, denying, and recognizing themselves.
And if they are looking in all earnest, they will be aware that they look around themselves, not from being connected from within.
Tearing the inside apart, but also healing once recognized what is being evident, as a point of hope and huge changes.
Be in silence, in empathy and compassion with the Self, in Consciousness with the other, in Conscious-ness.

And look at this world creating creation, your own partaking. Do ask yourself, what is unreal, not real, and what is my true reality? What is it that connects me?

It is important for you to realize that the physical pressure has everything to do with that, which is trying to find cosmic connection, is also looking for way into the DNA. And that changes will take place particularly in the DNA, which will also be experienced physically.
This physical pressure you will experience especially in the harder structures of your body, because that is where least flexibility is felt after all. In that you will find indication that from an exhilarating, sparkling side on the one hand (the light side), and the exhilarating sparkling side on the other side (the darker sided) will try to be connected.
Because once connected what is clear on one side of your consciousness, to what causes such pressure, things will become a lot easier. It is important, and that goes for all of you, to realize that the enormous pressure inside World Consciousness and ón World Consciousness not only affects you individually, but also collectively as human nature. This is what makes it hard for people who are so sensitive to these kinds of things.

When you understand this, and you have insight in this, it will be possible for a lighter energy to flow and you do not have to do this by yourself anymore.
You will also know, from an inner, comforting gesture, that it will be received together and also carried together. In which you will find the connection, connection that sometimes is experienced as loneliness in the pressure of day-to-day life. But still accomplish the unity of life together within this process.  

Therefore it is quite easy to connect that what is in balance to that what is out of balance.
Give balance its own place, in order for you to also experience renewal and vitality of your physical structure, especially the new that will announce itself. In this renewal, this renewing source of energy will show itself especially in your old parts. 

Everything that lies in the deepest depth of yourSelf, will appear magnified in your life. Do not let yourself be washed away. Understand however, that by the pace of this enormous energy impulse and the force behind it, you will all be capable to deal with what is no longer of use to you.

It is up to the entire human race to truly see through and to let go, from that which you call conscience, that what is no longer needed, but what is opening to be pushed through thát which is so tangible now.

Allow yourself all space in your consciousness. Open your eyes, so that it will find a way. So that you will face it! So that you will face your deepest darkest darkness and welcome it in your heart and arms. Which is why you will know that this pressure is an enormous opportunity for the next step of evolution  of Humanity and this Creation.  So, give yourself a chance and open that what has been opened in an even bigger way than you are daring to know now.

Dare to know, dare to see in all openness and honesty, that what is still in you. Not in disapproval, but in a complete embrace, in order for that whatever is projected on your path, you will take on. Not to walk around but to connect to that what you Truly are from an honest and open heart. Out of Love for all of you. But also out of Love for this Creation.
I salute all of you, in deep respect. Amen.