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What it the purpose of children having cancer?

When a conscious human being looks at a child with cancer, then this person will not only see the child, but also the soul. A conscious human being sees a soul in a child's body. This body meets a purpose. It is possible that a soul has incarnated with an unbalanced rest out of previous incarnations, and then decided to a short life to live and to redeem karma through cancer.
At the same time, in this very moment of this world's evolution, a number of children has accepted the karma of a whole group.
For instance a soul who incarnates in a family, a soul who is aware of being connected to a family through a specific cord of energy. If a family has a karmic relation to each other, an addition sum will result from this.
If a soul in a family has reached a certain level of consciousness about his or her task , has full awareness about his or her present task, then a soul can decide to redeem karma through cancer for this family.
Decides to work out a part of the burden of karma of a family through a very short incarnation. When many of the people of your world will become aware of this, then they will look in a different way to these children making this sacrifice. These children who have accepted this task out of their soul.
People then will deal with this, which affects so deeply, in another way.
A sincere thankfulness and a much deeper connection to these family cords will develop out of this. Especially a depperconnection to this soul making the sacrifice, this connection might lift the whole family to a higher plan. When only small parts are worked out ­ for instance through the cancer disease ­ it might take a family centuries to work it out. But a child's soul who has made the connection to this family, and the sould who has accepted the task, is able to turn the tide quickly. The tasks these children have accepted, are tasks on a higher level and will ultimately lead to a full impuls of renewal of consciousness of a group.
When you look at this with your human eyes and out of your human heart, then you will feel the farewll. Having to say farewell so quicly. But when you look from your spiritual heart, then you will see that it is not only the farewell of a beloved child, but also the farewell to the cancer of this family.My blessings.

 The cancer disease

I wish to add a little more to the cancer disease. Because cancer is a disease which hits many people on this world now. It originates from a certain way of life. It has its origin in a certain way of thinking. More specific, it came into being through people who were just focussing on not knowing, on something which was not present in their life. People who were blind to see what did exist in their life. As this process was finding its way in the human body, cancer cells started to develop. These cells are based in unbalance. Unbalance: where the inner life of people is connected to the energy of the heart. If the inner life of people is only feeded by negative thinking, by destructive thinking, by destruction. It is exactly what cancer does.It is the evoking power of the human being materializing what he always has been thinking. It shows the principle of creation by man.
What man creates in thinking will finally come into existence. He realizes his own destiny. Until the soul of a child calls this upon himself from a choice out of consciousness, as I mentioned above. And this is another way to cope with unbalance. Ultimately this act of love of a child / a soul given to his family , will rebalance which was unbalanced by everybody's part and share. When you will be able to see this, you will understand how important it is, how and where you stand in life, from your inner being.
Because when you do not connect your inner life to your external life, again and again a discrepancy will arise.
The inner unbalance will lead to chaos and chaos will lead to the wrong path. When you have the courage inside, when you turn fear into power and from the force, from the courage to stand up in life and to expose your inner self, then you will be balanced. Then balance and composure will be that strong that cells in your body cannot create anything else but love in life.
But human creations, creation of disease, are the creations of man, created according to the own inner calling power.It is important to see for you as a group, as a group of consciousness, how you can contribute, how you can balance this in a positive way.
Here you can see again the own responsibility on another level. This responsibility applies to large fields of energy and consciousness, fields simply replying to what thoughts of mankind ask them to materialise.
When you are aware that you are a creator too, then you will know that anything you create will become visible. So create your dreams! Create what your heart desires! Create your reason for being here, your purpose!. Create, create and create only from the realmeaning, from the connection between you and us,from you and us cosmic and in this world. Because only out of these cords of connection, waves of new impulses and energies will be able to shape new creations.
You will be able to open up for renewal, renewal which touches your way of thinking and your thinking will really ask for new creations in this world. From there you will understand that you are able to turn thing. That you do not have to carry the burden which no longer belongs to this world.
That you indeed are able to turn the tide from the evoking power, from the love in your heart, form the knowing that your are part of and contribute to.
That it is your place which you fill with your specific energy and that this energy ­ from this point of consciousness ­ only can be carried by the love in your heart, the wisdom of your soul, the meaning of this life and this evolution.My blessings.