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Being born and dying here and being born into Cosmos is a great contineous moment.

As a human being you might experience the period between birth and death as a long time. But as I explained before, people need time as a fundamental idea to identify with. Time is a linear reaction to life. And because of this linear view on time, people experience their time of life as a longlasting history ­ especially people who are unable to find happiness in their lifes.
Being born into substance and being born into cosmos is, as a matter of fact, the moment of Here and Now: each moment of being aware to open up in the Self, the moment of being conscious in the Self, being roused little by little from the centuries-old need to sleep, makes the connection to the cosmic movement.
As an Aesculapian staff, the cosmic movement works again and again in the centre of the essence of man. If the essence of man is indeed able to experience the centre of birth into substance and birth into cosmos, then man will see that there is no past, that there is no future, but an enormous essential and substantial Now.
And in this moment of presence, man moves deeply from matter into cosmos and from cosmos into matter.
But if man cannot connect to his essence, this movement will be thrown back on the "outsides"and will be translated in an "outside"way. It will become an external projection, like for instance, a bullit ricochetting on a hard-stone wall.
But if man opens the gate within and really reaches out in this gate and is aware that he is in the centre, then the moment of Here and Now will be the birth into substance and into cosmos and within man, the essence of being centered in this moment of Here and Now. And again, man will have to realize that gained experience in this life is of real importance, because the huge connection I told you about, will become more and more clear through these experiences.
Experience unlocks the gate to Here and Now.