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THE LEADERSHIP OF BARACK OBAMA  (from a cosmic point of view)

Let me explain to you the great meaning of this grand Soul and his task.

Obama – as he is called now – is a greatly driven soul directed by his conscious being which is rooted in the Christ consciousness.
The drive to put his leadership into form emanates from a great unconditional love for human evolution. Energetically spoken, his human being-part  is very much aware of its own great task. He will always be reminded to his ultimate task by the input of the Ray of Love-Wisdom. His task is not an easy one. It means in principle to carry back mankind to unity. Unity in themselves and in one another, caring for and respecting mutual interests and growth and even more specific relationship.

It is important to know and to remember that his drive is connected to a very high consciousness. What needs to be done requires ‘working space’ and this working space must be created by breaking open. This process will not be generally accepted because the greater Truth  behind it cannot not be acknowledged yet.

Obama ushers in a complete new era during which the old that does not serve the new anymore, will be ruptured and that what does serve will be cherished. To let leaders of humanity experience solidarity, to set mutual goals, to expose untruthfulness to the Light. His life will be walking his path with diplomacy, but well-directed.
The Christ consciousness is the root of the United States as a world leader and the American people have reacted hereto by electing him as a leader.

Many of you in your part of the world were touched by ‘remembrance’, unable to name it, yet perceptible, mixed with feelings for other previous leaders. Be aware that these previous leaders represent the same Field.

Attention, compassion, love and a strong direction of will are the pillars of this great man. Often he will feel oppressed by the narrowness of his field of work and the fact having to deal with earthly patterns. This will not be easy for him, because he ‘knows’.  Counter forces will try to undermine. His influence will be major but he will need the assistance and support of humanity.

Again I address to your resp0nsibilities on your individual and mutual path of evolution and also address to choice consciously for the Whole. By doing this you are substantially participating in the start of the new era. Barack Obama will touch many hearts to the core.

Many of you will receive a wakeup call by the vibration of a next level of consciousness and you will look differently at yourself and at others. You will be able to listen to your heart from another perception. This will not come forth from the emotional body but from the spiritual body, ‘taken to heart’. Your individual  participation in the great process will resonate worldwide and a new field is thus being created. A field of recognition through ‘the other’.

Your dedication is required.

My Blessing.