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Why is there presently so much interest in Angels?

Since centuries, people are seeking.
Since centuries, people have been searching for sources of power, for help, for support, but above all things they have been searching to be carried on wings of Love. On your earth, at this time, where harshness, speed, bitterness, fear and power, play so many principal roles, there is the inner call for softness and guidance from the Beings of Love.These Beings of Love are approaching your world. They always have been there and are present again in different layers of consciousness. Because in these different layers of consciousness certain realms of Angels are present. When you, as a human being in this period of time, need inner help, then you will call for this help.
It is the task of the Angels to offer help ­ from their different fields of activity and consciousness. It is the task of the realm of the Angels.The realm of Angels knows various gradations. This earth is asking now the realm of Angels for help, and help is offered. But again, dependence should not be stimulated again.
Though it can been seen, if you ask for help, this help will be given, not out of dependence, but out of a stimulus to meet your own inner Angel.
My blessings.