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Activities of the soul on other planets

The parts of the consciousness of the soul who are not incarnated, are they still in or outside this solar system?The parts that have not incarnated in this solar system are different parts. Once more, I say unto you, not every human has gone through the same amount of development of the conscious. But there are beings on this world, which have going through such development. Next to the Light parts of the soul that has incarnated, the larger part of the soul is sometimes left behind. Actually in parts, who are also outside this solar system still being active. For every part of the soul, carries different information, carries a different aspect. Every aspect of the beings of light in that soul. The light sides of the soul are also asking for other activities. From that point of view you can see where the level of consciousness of the people is on this world; the parts that were left behind are parts of the soul which can be found back in this solar system. But also far advanced souls let their other parts work outside this solar system. From that point of view, is the total being of someone, active. So people will say. Active on many different levels, because it not only about this planet, this is a "holy planet" with a large entity. Just out of these aspects of being, like the earth is a large being, there are many planets in this solar system with very highly evolved beings. These beings are working with evolved humans, who have parts of their soul working on other planets inside this solar system. And there where there is no energy for what is being needed to work with in this solar system is also being found outside this solar system. But outside this solar system it means, for only a certain amount of us on this world that are very far in their evolution.
My Blessing

Do you also influence your soul, as a human being of what you are doing here, what the rest of your soul is doing somewhere else?

This has a lot to do with the quality of the assignment which the person has brought along in this incarnation. For one person this can be the case and for the other person absolutely not. For many on your world it is still of great importance to be here with total attention and existence in this incarnation, and to have the connection with this incarnation, to carry it all perfect in oneself on the level of the soul, the level which has been brought along by the human in this incarnation, and to really concentrate and focus on it with full attention. When you understand this, you will also see the difference of it in the world. 

When you look at the different people around you from out a different angle, than you will see that this is certainly the case. Here where the human in your experience is strongly focussed on composition of materials, you as an awakening spiritual will have the feeling that this person is missing something.
Still this does not have to be the case. 

Because it can be for this person who is aiming on the composition of materials, just with intention coming forth out of attention, thus identifying with the composition of materials from this incarnation which follows the human, than it will really find the purpose where this soul has come for. When you can make that difference, than you also can see that no human is entitled to convince the other of his/her truth. For every human comes with his own goal, the aims to be in a life, is like an intention from the soul. 

Everyone's intention in each life has a different intention. A meaning of unity and always to be together in connecting, but always from out of an individual meaning, for the points of learning and the luggage of each can be a very different one. When you understand this from the deepest of your heart, you will see that through that judgement can really fall away. The judgement you have over the other and the judgement over yourself. Understand this meaning.On the other site, there are people who will be influenced out of what you just asked Me. Activities of the soul on other planets. There are people on this earth who will for sure be influenced. 

Example, also people like this channel (Berry Vincenta) who passes on, for every time from that point the connection will be sought with other layers of consciousness and is keeping the connection always alive in her life. There are many channels like her on this earth who are working on this basis and in this manner; the life of such a person will for sure be influenced. Herein you can see the difference between this and what I have just explained to you.
My Blessing