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What is consciousness?? Consciousness is a huge field of (different) vibrations. With a certain amount of experience all these fields correspond. Its self is what the human being really is.......

Cosmic pressure on Consciousness      Part 1
Many people are experiencing this especially inner but also visible outer pressure. As said (before) this has to do with a large new cosmic flow of energy, which works on the Entire Consciousness; a new, pushing movement.
It is a renewing impulse, which activates people to really look at themselves, at their consciousness. To experience, that filling in the inner void has nothing to do with Consciousness, but with dissatisfaction out of human fields of emotions.
Cosmic pressure Part 2
The pressure that currently is being experienced is a pressure that is mostly felt in World Consciousness. That pressure has to do with the arriving of a new part of cosmic energy, which will leave an enormous impact on the world.

Current Pressure on Consciousness. Part 3

For many in your world it is of the utmost importance to become conscious of one’s own universal space and place. The consciousness in your world is being felt / experienced under great pressure. This has everything to do with the acceleration of the energetic constellation of Cosmic Consciousness, of which human beings are a part off.


What actually is this ”Renewal” people talk about, which we are all eagerly awaiting, whilst at the same being in the middle of it?

This renewal process as indicated is really a renewal of something that has long been a part of this world and in this creation. But what is coming together at the same time, are all sorts of energy waves, which will eventually aim at one point. And just because all these layers of different energy surges are going to be put into One, it will cause such a deep implosion, as well as explosion, in all layers of this creation, that there will be shift in the total evolution plan.

Evolution of the earth through change/increase of frequency in levels of consciousness.
Light and contra power.

Do not look upon the earth as just the earth, but as a really high entity, which is finding herself in evolution herself and within this evolution she carries the evolution of all that lives on this planet.
The enormous power of mother earth is her receiving principle, her giving strength, her transforming function. All that takes places within this solar system energy wise

 The descending Christ energy

How is the energy of the female face of God related to the descending Christ energy?
The female face of God is always connected to the heart of the Christ consciousness. It is always connected to the realization of the highest love. Love is the highest good in this creation. Love is highest good in the entire creation. Not only in this solar system but also beyond.

The Leadership of Barack Obama

16 of november 2008
Let me explain to you the great meaning of this grand Soul and his task
Do we have part in the world events?

Because that which becomes visible, wakes up people. And when people wake up, they again have a choice to relate to anything they wish and to connect. And exactly this is of importance now to all mankind.


 Return of the Maittreya? The Christ?
The human being of now is the human being who is waiting.......
 The different forms of being a channel  
When the human being in his life has put himself to the task of being an intermediary between the cosmos and the earth, than this person will be placing him/herself a goal and a task for what is voicing from the levels of cosmic consciousness, it returns and is layed down for mankind.......
 The Workers of Light are invited
Each large collective group upon your earth has already acknowledged the Light. Not something that has taken place outside him/her, but actually made contact with the real Light in his inner self. This group of humans have understood the message that the light is the connection of unconditional love of the heart.......
What it the purpose of children having cancer?
When a conscious human being looks at a child with cancer, then this person will not only see the child, but also the soul. A conscious human being sees a soul in a child's body. This body meets a purpose.
  Activities of the soul on other planets
The parts that have not incarnated in this solar system are different parts. The light sides of the soul are also asking for other activities....
 How can you live best in the present?

There is a plan, a cosmic plan, there is a cosmic goal.....The mental body of the human being has also limitations, the human being can only think up to a certain layer of energy in himself. It is just a matter of realization that past this thinking, reality begins.....
Free myself of my own fear
When the person wants to free himself of his own fear, the person must first come to an understanding, where fear has brought him. Because, fear has a ......
 How is the process of dying developing after the heart-beat has stopped?
The heart-beat stops, human energy will be inclined to withdraw to its origin. The energy of man has various 'layers'......
Being born and dying here and being born into Cosmos is a great contineous moment.

Being born into substance and being born into cosmos is, as a matter of fact, the moment of Here and Now: each moment of being aware to open up in the Self, the moment of being conscious in the Self, being roused little by little from the centuries-old need to sleep, makes the connection to the cosmic movement.....
Hyperactivity, children with ADHD
Souls with ADHD are children with an extreme sensitive consciousness. These children, are souls who have reincarnated in this time-period, are children who undergo a lot of difficulty of the enormous prickles that the world lets lose on them. .........
Afraid for your own Light?
As the human has fear for darkness in himself and also has fears the Light in himself. But when the human even has fear for the Light in himself, he actually does not dare to see the Light in himself.
 TWIN-SOULS Does the phenomenon 'twin-souls' exist on earth?
The idea of 'twin-soul'has been created by mankind. If a human being meets another human being and recognizes himself so to speak in the other person, the creation of denomination of twin-soul was attached hereto.
But each soul has its own individuality, is part of a greater soul...........
How can you connect ­ individually, really out of your heart, to murder, rape, oppression, war, terror?

By realizing that it is a cosmic play of power and impotence.
Especially for a great number of people who wish to free themselves from certain ties, from certain oppressive limitations set in this lifetime, in the place or the land where they have rooted.

Nearly Death Experience
But where man experiences inside a real nearly death, the energy of the heart is searching it own source. And on the way from the heart to the source, from the energy of the soul of this person, he or she will have this experience; it is important for you to know that this is a matter of consicousness.........
 What can man do during his lifetime
as a preparation for the release in respect
to the process of dying?

 If the taboo on death will be transposed to birth, if conscious man directs his focal point to birth again and again, then the taboo will ultimately disappear.
Man will go beyond the death agony because man will be aware of his place.
What is the meaning of release?
Release means that what has served in your life, all those processes, all those people, all those different circumstances which at this moment actually do not have your attention of priorities anymore.
 Why is there presently so much interest in Angels? Since centuries, people have been searching for sources of power, for help, for support, but above all things they have been searching to be carried on wings of Love.
 Role of the US in the world
From a spiritual point of view, the United States have an important function on this planet. Because in the United States certain spots of energy are situated where on a spiritual level, a lot is happening. The United States are a mirror to the world.......
The difference between the cultures of United States and Iraq
Like human beings have to develop self-respect to the Self, countries have to do the same and equally so, country-leaders.But where dictatorship rules, there is no freedom of choice. The self-respect cannot develop.
Why does the soul leave the soul spark and the harmony to undergo all that suffering and finally to return back into that one harmony. Like is being said, every human being has his origin in the Light, the human being is a spark of God, is a human, a cell in that what is being named God, but God is a strength on its own and can never incarnate totally into the matter. Through that, the sparks have in the consciousness of the total creation what is being named God